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Please watch the trailer to the film!

The intention of this powerful documentary/film' Dominion', is to educate and inspire particularly young people coming of voting age to push for strong law changes in their country, when it comes to protecting ALL animals from cruelty and suffering.

We need your help to launch this film (March 2015), we are now entirely dependent on donations - even the smallest donation will be hugely appreciated and help get this important message out there!

The film addresses the very strong issues such as speciesism, the horror of the ongoing animal holocaust, such as intensive farming, and factory farming on all levels, animal experimentation & presenting the facts, and encouraging the viewer all the way through out the film to "Be the Change" they wish to see in this world, by taking action in anyway they can to speak out for the animals.

Editing and producing this film, I have gone to bed shaken to the core and despondent from some of the brutal images I have had to edit out in the respect of sensitive viewers. While there is some graphic footage in the film, the most heart-wrenching parts have been removed to make this watchable, but without diluting the truth.

Our plan is to launch this film in March of 2015 to secondary schools anywhere in the world who will allow their students to view, as well as make it available online for all!


We welcome even the smallest of donations (even $5 - $10) to help get this important message out there!

Donations of $50 NZD: You will recieve a DVD copy of the film

Donations of $100 NZD: You will recieve a DVD and Your name in the credits list at the end of the film,

Donations of $500 (or over): We will place your logo and website info, aand your name in the credits & ending voiceover of the film, as well as a DVD copy.

Reference for Donation: 'Dominion Film'