Stonewall Productions


 Welcome to Stonewall Films LTD!

Welcome to Stonewall Films LTD!

"What is your story - If it was never told?"

Stonewall Films  is a savvy & cutting edge film company -

that dares to go deep into the abyss, when it comes to bringing powerful films to your screan!

Currently in Pre-production now....

"The Uprising 5910'

First there was the Titanic....Then there was the Uprising!

A powerful and deeply dramatic full length feature film, paying tribute to the nearly

6000 lives lost in the LIve Export Tradgedy of 2020..

A true story, and a deeply compelling jpurney of one woman and a foreteling dream....A tradgedy....And the uprising of a nation....

A Film that will change history and forever burn into the memory of a nation!

Please watch the trailer here, and help us to bring this film to life by clicking this link!